Hi, My Name is Adam.

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet.

You likely found your way here out of curiosity and now you have one big question...

Is this content writer really the kind of person I could build a connection with?


Email me:  adamdleadbeater@gmail.com

Content Writing and Me have formed somewhat of a bromance.

Typically it's my passion for Sports and Music that get the typing juices flowing. But ultimately I enjoy writing or blogging about any topic I can get my keyboard thrashing hands on! 

I love to research. No seriously. For as long as I can remember I've had an infatuation with finding information and acquiring knowledge about all matter of topics.

No matter the subject; content becomes my happy place.  

"Yeah but can he work to a deadline?" I hear you scoff.  "How very dare you?" I reply. "Of course I can. I've worked in the Education sector!" If nothing else, I've become quite the expert at doing lots of things under serious time pressures.

I eagerly point out (with a huff and jab my chest with an index finger) that "I've got experience in Media. I know how to communicate with audiences, design graphics and even dabble in SEO!"

"Hmm... maybe this IS for me?' you slowly nod. "If only there were a way to sample his work right this second..."